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We at Precision Air Duct Cleaning offers both Residential air duct cleaning and Commercial air duct cleaning, on any scale from studio apartments and guest houses to industrial warehouses and commercial office parks. Our experience, training, and professionalism will make your next air duct cleaning a quick and painless way to provide your customers, guests, and loved ones with clean air.

Residential Duct Cleaning

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  • AC & Heating Air Duct Cleaning
  • HVAC Unit Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Filter Replacement
  • Dryer Duct Cleaning
  • Bathroom Exhaust Duct Cleaning

Commercial Duct Cleaning

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  • AC & Heating Air Duct Cleaning
  • HVAC Unit Cleaning
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Laundry Dryer Duct Cleaning
  • Commercial Dyer Systems

Air Duct Cleaning Process

Our air duct cleaning process can be split into five primary steps each with a few simple smaller steps
– We Clean the register covers to remove cooking oil film, nicotine film and other ducts-collecting substances.

– We clean the air supply duct with our Rotobrush machine.

– The air ducts are then brush vacuumed clean with our exclusive, patented ROTOBRUSH. The ROTOBRUSH removes the contaminants that circulate through the air duct system.

– We will sanitize your air ducts and vents with an environmentally safe sanitizer commonly used in hospital and nursing homes, leaving behind a fresh scent.

– We will use our camara to check if the work was done in a correct way. Before and after photos.

Most air duct systems exchange air in the entire house or building, if we were to clean only a small portion of the system, the debris which was removed from the cleaned section could just settle in any uncleaned section. For this reason, we only take jobs where the entirety of a system is cleaned except in rare instances where there are multiple separate systems fully isolated from one another. Fortunately this makes pricing very simple!

Use our handy Request an Estimate form or give us a call at 925-326-2232 and provide the following information:
  • Number of vents in Home/Office
  • Number of FAUs (ACs/Heaters) and their locations
  • Square footage of the Home/Office
  • House/Building construction year
  • Number of stories/floors on Home/Office
It is very common for architects and designers to place grates, vents, and utilities in places where they don’t interrupt the visual appeal of a home or office. Unfortunately this can lead to customers unintentionally reporting smaller system sizes than are actually in the home or office. We know it is very annoying to receive a different bill than what is quoted, so we will always verify the size of the system, accessibility, and level of contamination prior to beginning any work. We will always inform you of any updates to your quote before we do any work, so you won’t have to worry about prices changing after work has begun.

Air Duct Cleaning FAQs

Over the years pollen, dust, and other common irritants gather in your Air Ducts which can be agitated when your heater or A/Cs kick on. These irritants are then circulated through your home for you to inhale.

We can provide an estimate for your specific property based on how many FAUs and Vents you have by filling our our request an estimate form. As a very rough estimate, however, a home or business with 1 FAU and 12 vents will take between 2 and 3 hours, and a home or business with 3 FAUs and 30 vents will be more like 2 to 3 hours.

The air duct cleaning process is very safe, there are no toxic chemicals or fumes to worry about, so it is fine to have children around. During cleaning, there will be a few items on the floor such as large 12 inch hoses, smaller hoses, and tarps with registers on them, all of which may pose a minor hazard to unattended children.

No. In order to provide a safe working environment for our technicians, our powerful negative air machine is always applying negative pressure to the system during agitation which proactively catches all dust and debris released during this process.

We will only ever charge you our standard rate based on the number of FAUs and vents in your home or business. Many homes and businesses are designed with aesthetics in mind which leads designers to place vents where they won’t be seen. This is great for those who don’t like the look of vents all over their walls, but often surprises our customers when we point out a few vents they never knew were there. If there is ever a difference between your estimate and actual cost, we will always discuss it with you first and, if you like, walk you through your home or business to show you each FAU and vent on the bill.

Sometimes HVAC systems will be damaged or installed improperly and may benefit from some sort of upgrade or repair. We do not offer these services but will, free of charge, notify you of any problems we find.

Though many other Brushvac Air Systems air duct cleaning companies will imply otherwise, there is no law preventing you from cleaning your own Air Ducts. When you choose Precision Air Duct Cleaning, we use highly specialized tools and highly experienced professional technicians who know how to minimize the risk of damage to your property, know how to protect themselves and your home from becoming contaminated by dislodged debris, and prevent pollution to your local environment – not to mention we are fully licensed and insured should anything unexpected occur.

We always recommend that you hire a professional who is licensed and insured for any maintenance or repair.